Bend Ayurveda

Welcome! Bend Ayurveda is a collaboration of two souls with a shared dharma of service. Balarama Chandra das and Emma Kate Veader bring their complementary personalities, diverse backgrounds, knowledge and reverence for Ayurveda to serve, feed and nourish the community of Bend, Oregon. They work together and individually offering services, courses and retreats on the areas of Ayurveda, yoga and cooking both locally as well as internationally.

Working with an Ayurvedic counselor, you will learn to better identify the spaces in which you feel your best and more importantly, how can you stay in that place with less fluctuation. The goal in collaborating with you is to help you determine your constitution and current areas for growth. Often the antidote is something your body has known for quite some time but through the fast paced modern culture and lifestyle has created confusion and disconnect with our own natural rhythms. Ayurveda has a beautiful approach to living in a way attuned with nature while authentically existing in modern life. A little knowledge of natural cycles and patterns along with a fresh perspective will be life altering for anyone ready to make a shift. We'll work together to create a program of practices, diet recommendation and rituals unique to supporting you achieve a more balanced, extraordinary and inspired life you love to live.