Bend Ayurveda


Bend Ayurveda is a collaboration of two souls with a shared dharma of service. Balarama Chandra das and Emma Kate Veader bring their complementary personalities, diverse backgrounds, knowledge and reverence for Ayurveda to serve, feed and nourish their local community. They work together and individually offering services, courses and retreats on the areas of Ayurveda, yoga and cooking both locally as well as internationally.



Balarama Chandra was born into a family of soft hearted Native American and Mexican farm workers. Inner strength through struggle and seeking love in all things were his caring parents. He found new vibrance in life once he heard the voice and conversation of Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.


Endeavoring to share the fruits of this ancient wisdom along with her passion for cooking, Emma works with clients through the planting of seeds and skills to cultivate a greater alignment to nature's rhythm. One day receiving a grand harvest of new, supportive patterns aligned with one's own unique nature.