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Working with an Ayurvedic counselor, you will learn to better identify the spaces in which you feel your best and more importantly, how can you stay in that place with less fluctuation. The goal in collaborating with you is to help you determine your constitution and current areas for growth. Often the antidote is something your body has known for quite some time but through the fast paced modern culture and lifestyle has created confusion and disconnect with our own natural rhythms. Ayurveda has a beautiful approach to living in a way attuned with nature while authentically existing in modern life. A little knowledge of natural cycles and patterns along with a fresh perspective will be life altering for anyone ready to make a shift. We'll work together to create a program of practices, diet recommendation and rituals unique to supporting you achieve a more balanced, extraordinary and inspired life you love to live.

Initial Consultation | 75 - 90 minutes

We will begin with a 75-90 minute initial consultation. During this time we will discuss your unique health history, current state of body and mind, and daily/seasonal routines.  Questions about your diet, lifestyle (including sleep, exercise, and professional life), digestion/elimination, the use of your sense organs, and emotional/mental state. The intention here is to get to know you and your state of health in detail as well as your tendencies in the past and how you would like to be in the future. A very brief otional physical examination which may involve looking at your tongue and/or taking your pulse is helpful to gain more information on your current state is. We will then discuss the qualities that I believe are expressing in your emotional, mental, and physical being which may be contributing to your present state of imbalance. Before the consultation is over, we will discuss ways to balance those qualities with Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle practices. 

While this is not intended to be a private educational experience, it is important for us to educate you on the basic principles of Ayurveda and for us both to understand your Prakriti (constitutional make up or "your nature") and your Vikriti (current state of imbalance). Ayurveda is very much about cultivating awareness and self-observation of current habitual patterns of diet and lifestyle. From there, you will begin to acknowledge aspects of yourself you may never have been aware of but have always been true. Although it takes time and continued dedication to the practice this is an empowering part of the journey and one of the goals as the practitioner is to help facilitate this process.

Follow-up Consultation | 45 minutes

What sets Ayurveda apart from other health care practitioners is the belief that the follow-up consultation is critical. We are interested in being mentors and guides in supporting you and your long-term health goals. In a follow-up consultation, we will get a sense of whether or not the suggestions given in an initial consultation or previous follow-up consultation were helpful in balancing your state of health and we adjust the suggestions accordingly.

Package Offering: Initial + Follow-up Consultation   

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We are currently accepting new clients by friend/family referral only. We have different backgrounds in training and areas of focus so to best match you with a counselor, please use the form below to tell us a little about yourself and what your intention is for scheduling a consultation. If you have a preference, please note in your message. Thank you!

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Cleanses are helpful when wanting to kick start digestion, support implementing a new diet, recommit to more mindful eating practices, identify triggering foods, support weight loss as well as release attachment to old eating habits. We've just completed our local Fall Community Cleanse. Remote option with individualized support available. Check back in 2019 for our Spring and Fall cleanse dates!

What's included:

7  days of Ayurvedic meals
Plant-based with vegan options
Guided meditation and breath practices
Audio recordings of lunch lectures
Cleanse Manual including handouts and recipes
1 Yoga class