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Private Chef Services

Essentially everything you consume and digest becomes you. People are consuming food that looks like it will nourish them but in reality was not made for them. They did not grow it themselves nor was it grown for them in their local area. In a world where everything is available whenever regardless of the season, people are not only often eating out of season; increasing their carbon footprint but also missing a tremendous opportunity to connect to the land in which they live. By eating food that was not only grown close to your home but additionally prepared with careful attention to your constitutional needs, we are creating a sense of place through direct relationship with the earth and its offerings in one’s local land. Imagine food with your name on it, where the food you were consuming underwent its entire life process of seed, growth, harvest, preparation and offering with you in mind.

We have created a private chef offering modeled after this concept. A concept where food is grown nearby and cared after by the hands and hearts of this community. Working with these seasonal, local ingredients and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, we craft plant-based meals based off an assessment of you and your family’s constitutional needs.


Private & Public Ayurvedic Cooking Classes




Starting with your food preferences and interests, we carefully curate a seasonal, Ayurvedic plant-based menu that will awaken your inner chef and leave your senses wanting more. In these fun, one of a kind hands-on class you will gain understanding of how to use fresh seasonal ingredients, and the importance of spices in each dish.

These classes will not only broaden your horizon when it comes to preparing creative, plant focused dishes but will leave you satisfied and inspired for more exploration in the kitchen and your food choices. These classes can be organized as one-on-one instruction or for a group setting. What better way to hang out with friends than to cook and break bread together? 
By the end of the class,

  • You'll gain confidence in planning an in-season meal with a deeper understanding of seasonal ingredients and how to utilize spices.

  • Feel confident in various cooking techniques, including baking, sautéing and plate presentation.

  • Find more comfort working in the kitchen utilizing classical mise en place (ingredient organization) as well as non-chaotic multi-tasking.

Price of class varies depending on number of students + menu + ingredients + location.

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