Bend Ayurveda

Emma Kate Veader

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Endeavoring to share the fruits of this ancient wisdom along with her passion for cooking, Emma works with clients through the planting of seeds and skills to cultivate a greater alignment to nature's rhythm. One day receiving a grand harvest of new, supportive patterns attuned with one's own unique nature. She writes articles for various wellness magazines and blogs and currently is authoring an Ayurvedic cookbook Kitchen Altar (launching 2019). A forever student, Emma attributes her practice and offerings to the grace and guidance of her teachers and teaches in the Bhakti tradition as it is from this place of devotion and service that guides her. Never fully stepping out of studentship, Emma’s studies are dedicated in yoga as a therapy and the transformative power of mantra and chanting. All that she can offer is accredited to the grace of the Guru.

Emma works with students and clients to help reestablish balance while promoting new expansion from previous conceived limitations. She approaches yoga in a therapeutic way to help reformat previously held unsupportive patterns of movement, breath and thought. Within this space, she works with yoga, meditation and chanting to offer a platform for self transformation. A professionally trained chef from the Culinary Institute of America with work published in Martha Stewart Magazine, she enjoys teaching others the arts and rituals of creating a more sacred connection to the food we cook, consume and share. Known as a vibrant, joy-filled and often comical speaker, instructor and counselor, Emma offers up an energy that is truly contagious. She will remind you that lightness is found in the spirit through her approach to this practice and life in a reverent but playful way. 

E-200/500 Yoga teacher | PureBarre Instructor | Ayurveda Health Counselor and Chef | Foot Reflexology Practitioner