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OCTOBER 12 - 19


Acknowledging and honoring the influence of season and rhythms of life, it is helpful to temporarily change daily diet and lifestyle habits. It is especially potent in times of natural states of transition such as from one season to another. Taking part in a cleanse not only helps one see and feel from a new vantage point but also identifies what routines and food choices are in support of health and which are discouraging it. Cleanses are great for those seeking a fresh start or new approach to their food choices, feel unmotivated by their diet. Cleanses are helpful when wanting to reset digestive health, support implementing a new diet that feels more balanced, nourishing and sustaining, identify triggering foods and unhealthy cravings, lose weight, release attachment to old eating habits as well as boost your immune system to set yourself up for a healthy winter

In the vast market of detoxes and cleanses, Ayurvedic cleansing is unique in the importance placed on continued nourishment throughout the detoxifying process. The food should not only support you but be delicious and enjoyed! Ayurveda is famous for its nourishing, yet effective, approach to cleansing. In this process we are aiming to cleanse the body of accumulated dosha at regular intervals to ensure the integration of healthy routines. This all-inclusive, guided cleanse led by Ayurvedic Consultants and Chefs, Balarama Chandra das and Emma Kate Veader has been developed with deep attention and care to the wisdom and practices of Ayurveda, the sacredness of whole foods as well as time constraints of modern life. This cleanse will not only focus on reformatting our relationship with food to one that is sacred and loving but encourage mealtimes to be more mindful.


Join Balaram Chandra and Emma Kate for lunch where we will have a family style community meal and discussions of introductory topics of Ayurveda, seasonal eating and the benefits of routine cleanses when transitioning from season to season. You will leave each lunch with handouts as well as your dinner and next day's breakfast (minimal at home preparation needed). Although encouraged to enjoy the support of sangha (community) and the discussion of the day, it is not necessary to attend every lunch. For those needing to take their lunch to go, this can be arranged. Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have.


7 days of Ayurvedic meals (3 per day)
Plant-based with vegan options
Daily guided meditation and breath practices
Handouts and recipes
One-on-one Ayurvedic Health Consultation
for individualized recommendations to promote a smooth, successful transition post-cleanse.

 $295 |
Early bird pricing through 9/12 $270


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