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Looking at life through an Āyurvedic lens encourages us to draw from these gunas to identify the specific qualities endowed into all aspects of life. From the qualities of the mental state of the waking mind when rising in the morning to the physical body’s first movements of the day. This set of gunas is one of the most powerful tools to creating wiser decisions as well as more supportive responses when feeling trapped and without choices.

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Pistachio Saffron Rose Drink

Get a sneak peak look at one of the many delicious recipes from our upcoming Ayurvedic cookbook coming 2018. This pitta cooling recipe is just the drink to make this summer. Wanderlust author Emily Hightower recently interviewed Bend Ayurveda’s co-founder Balarama Chandra for Ayurvedic recipes and recommendations to stay cool and maintain balanced pitta dosha.

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